We have clients who are elite amateur sports people, boardroom chief-executives, bodyguards, military personnel, police, fire, teachers, housewives and house-husbands, students. I have people who train with me on a regular basis, I have people who check in every six months. In short, I train really fit people, and some overweight ill people. The full range. So wherever you are in the spectrum, you will be welcome at CrossFit Wirral.

The sessions will cover ‘What is CrossFit’, ‘What is fitness’ , the nutritional building blocks for fitness and the foundational movements of CrossFit: squatting/pressing and deadlifts together with skills such as wall balls, kettlebell swings, pull ups and handstand progressions. Each session includes a strength and/or skill discipline and a metabolic conditioning workout.

As a beginner you’ll be introduced to scaled down versions of benchmark workouts. Weights, reps and times will be adjusted to suit the individual until you are able to comfortably work through the foundational movements with some intensity. Everything you do will be measured so that your progress is evidence based and easy to see.

One-to-One sessions cost £30 each. If you buy 10 sessions up front you get an 11th and 12th session for free.