Wirral Weightlifting is a facility for training athletes to become better olympic weight lifters, as well as making athletes more explosive and powerful in their respective sports. Our coach led sessions are suitable for men, women and children who all lift together in a fun and encouraging environment with coaching delivered by experienced and qualified trainers.

Athletes train at CrossFit Wirral, a leading strength and conditioning facility equipped with 7 lifting platforms and all the equipment one needs to become a better olympic weightlifter and a more powerful athlete.

We cater for complete beginners and experienced athletes, whether your goal is to be a national champion or simply to improve your strength and fitness, we can offer you the coaching and support you need.

Olympic Weightlifting is a fantastic sport in its own right sport and it is also highly transferable to other sports due to its development of speed, power, movement and strength. It’s a great way to improve your sporting ability. Get started by booking onto our ‘learn to lift’ course.

This is a 3 week fully coached course to introduce you to the sport and is a pre-requisite to attending WWC sessions.

Our Philosophy

Our training philosophy is to prevent injury and enhance performance by using Olympic lifts, CrossFit techniques (doing the common uncommonly well), kettlebells and other heavy equipment. Our programming is based around a 4-point test:

  1. Is the exercise ground based and are you standing up while performing it?
  2. Is the exercise a free weight exercise?
  3. Does the exercise work multiple joints and muscle groups?
  4. Is the exercise performed in an explosive manner?

This philosophy ensures our programming and exercises are good functional moves to continually develop our athletes.


£40/ month for 2 sessions each week (Wednesday at 7pm & Saturday at 10am)

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